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Rachel Braun Scherl has been called “Empowering”, “Invigorating” , “Informative”, “Powerful”, and “Hilarious” by entrepreneurs, and executives around the globe who have attended a Rachel Talk. Rachel brings years of corporate and entrepreneurial business-building experience to her presentations and speeches with a great flair for engaging story-telling. As a successful female entrepreneur herself, Rachel easily identifies her audience’s needs and shares her advice for immediate action. She gives attendees pragmatic formulas for “Building a Leadership Voice”, raising capital, working and succeeding in challenging environments, business partnerships and working with diverse corporate teams. Meet Rachel here and get a taste of what she delivers to satisfied business audiences worldwide.

Keynote Speaker on Entrepreneurship , Growth Strategies & Women's Leadership
Semprae Laboratories @ Aging2.0 | New York, NY
Fran Drescher dishes about how Zestra works. The Viagra for Women with Rachel Braun Scherl
Fab At Any Age: How to Rev Up Your Sex Life in Minutes with ZESTRA!
WomanCon NYC 2015 - Rachel Talks on Business Building
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The Company: Zestra - Founded by Women, For Women
Personal Branding interview with Rachel Braun Scherl


Rachel Braun Scherl
The Unexpected
Is it sexy or sexist?
Co Founders
Picking up where she left off
Pay Gap
Taking a strong stance
God's Work
The birds and the bees and business
Locker Room
Overcoming the locker room mentality
Building reciprocal relationships
Finding the apex of an uneven playing field
No time-outs, no substitutions
Using your voice


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